Amara Wellness


Important notes

Energy healing can be described using the analogy of a dirty river after a storm: healing clears the debris, shifting energy blocks that aren’t in flow, freeing you to live in peace.

Why is this healing only for women?
Spiritual healing in men and women using energy techniques can be very varied with great deal of difference in outcomes. Through my experience, I have learnt that my energy healing techniques are best suited to help women and I am more successful at designing interventions aimed at promoting a healing experience in women.
How many appointments do I have in an day?
Energy healing is exhausting and all-consuming. Therefore, I do not have more than two appointments in a day.
Do you make home visits?
Under exceptional circumstances, yes. Please contact me for further details.
What are your privacy guidelines?
I am committed to safeguarding your privacy. I understand that your health information is private and confidential. As part of your support team in healing, trust is essential to the services we provide. Therefore, it is our policy to keep your personal information private and confidential.
Why are there no testimonials listed on your website?

There are no testimonials or client references as I believe in complete privacy of all my collaborators. My team, or I will never approach you for testimonials.